Tax Collector

The Collector’s duties range from preparing and mailing the tax bills, aiding residents with rebate deduction forms, preparing certified property lists, tax searches and other related and non-related functions. Other duties may include coordinating communications between citizens, representatives of the Governing Body, County and State Government as well as the private sector.

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Important Dates

Property tax bills are mailed every summer.
Taxes are due quarterly on Feb. 1st, May 1st, Aug. 1st, & Nov. 1st. 
There is a 10 (ten) day grace period with each quarter.

State Rebate and Reimbursement Programs

The State on New Jersey provides 2 separate programs for Property Tax relief:

• Homestead Benefit – available to many residential taxpayers on their primary residence; given as a credit applied towards property taxes

• Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze) – available to Senior Citizens and certain Disabled Persons, provides reimbursement between a “base year” and the prior year when taxes increase; given as a reimbursement check from the State.

Information on State Rebates and Reimbursements


Some of these forms are in PDF, Portable Document Format. To view or print these you can download for no charge Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may also use Adobe's Online Conversion Tool to convert these forms to plain text. All other forms should be able to be read by your computer. If you have problems, please contact us and we will send them to you.

Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption

Download Disabled Veteran Tax Exemption PDF - 60.0 KB

Full Property Tax Exemption for veterans disabled due to active duty, or surviving spouses/domestic partners of such veterans.

Senior Citizen, Disabled Person Deduction

Download Senior Citizen, Disabled Person Deduction PDF - 63.2 KB

Property Tax Deduction of $250 for Senior Citizens or certain Disabled persons, or surviving spouses/domestic partners of those persons; must have income of $10,000 or less with certain exclusions; deductions applied directly bill; both forms below required.

Supplemental Income Statement

Download Supplemental Income Statement PDF - 30.4 KB

Veteran Deduction Application

Download Veteran Deduction Application PDF - 58.0 KB

Property Tax Deduction of $250 for veterans, or surviving spouses/domestic partners of veterans; must have income of $10,000 or less with certain exclusions; deduction applied directly to bill; certain dates of active duty services required.