Open Space, Farmland Preservation, Conservation, Historical and Recreation Advisory Committee Minutes

Minutes are saved as PDFs.  

To view or print these you can download for no charge Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You may also use Adobes Online Conversion Tool to convert these to plan text. 

May 17, 2017- View Minutes
April 18, 2017- View Minutes
March 21, 2017- View Minutes
February 21, 2017- View Minutes
January 17, 2017- View Minutes
December 20, 2016- View Minutes
November 15, 2016- View Minutes
October 13, 2016- Meeting Cancelled
September 20, 2016- View Minutes
August 16, 2016- View Minutes
July 19, 2016- View Minutes
June 21, 2016- View Minutes
May 12, 2016- Meeting Cancelled
April 14, 2016 - Meeting Cancelled
March 15, 2016- View Minutes
February 16, 2016- View Minutes
January 19, 2016- View Minutes
December 15, 2015- View Minutes
November 17, 2015- View Minutes
October 20, 2015- View Minutes
September 15, 2015- View Minutes
June 16, 2015- View Minutes
May 19, 2015- View Minutes
April 21, 2015- View Minutes
March 17, 2015- View Minutes
February 17, 2015- View Minutes
January 20, 2015- View Minutes

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