Team Parent Information

Welcome New and Returning Team Parents!

Thank you for offering to be a Team Parent and taking on these responsibilities on behalf of the your team coach.

This is a great opportunity to be involved and a great way to network with other parents in your community.

Below is information which has been put together to help you, your team players, parents and coaches.

Typical Responsibilities:

• Opening Day attendance and activities (including distribution of uniforms)

• Creation, Maintenance and Distribution of Game & Snack Schedule - Snack schedule should indicate no peanuts products.  Click on Game & Snack Schedule link for example.  Half time should be fruit ONLY.  End of the game juice box and chips or cookies only (NO PEANUTS OR PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED IN A FACILITY THAT PROCESSES PEANUTS AND TREE NUTS).

Click on the Safe Snack Listing link for full listing

• Uniform Forms: These forms should be completed during opening day ceremony or first day child participates in practice after opening day and returned to the person indicated on the form. This form indicates color, number, size of shirt assigned to player along with size of shorts assigned to same.  Please click on Forms link to locate copy.

•  Communication to team's parents: announcements regarding cancellations, delays and rescheduled games and practice dates, times, and locations coordinated on behalf of your coach

•  Team Parents are not allowed to send any emails or letters besides what is their responsibility indicated in this letter.  Dress code, parking issues or parents disputes will be handled by the Commissioner Only.

•  No child or his/her guardian should be singled out if the child has a medical condition - this is private information.  This should not or will not be discussed with other parents, and if so, are grounds for dismissing the team parent from their role and future opportunities to serve as a team parent.



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