Economic Development Advisory Council

The Advisory Council shall collect information on opportunities for commercial and industrial business and investment in Mansfield Township. The Advisory Council shall prepare and distribute pamphlets explaining opportunities in the Township and outlining Township regulations affecting businesses; subject to the prior approval of the Mansfield Township Committee. The Advisory Council shall perform the following duties and such other duties as are assigned to it from time to time by the Mayor and Township Committee:

  1. To inquire into, survey and publicize the extent, advantages and utility of properties in the Township which can be economically developed.
  2. To categorize such properties according to their adaptability for the location thereon of various types of economic enterprises.
  3. To advertise the advantages of the Township and the availability of real estate within the Township for economic development and to encourage and accomplish such development.
  4. To solicit businesses or industry to purchase or lease property within the Township.
  5. To serve as an ombudsman for business and community organizations through engaging liaison with those organizations who are deemed essential to the success of various programs, projects and policies of the Advisory Council.
  6. To facilitate appropriate public and private agencies in focusing their resources on specific projects and programs under the supervision of the Advisory Council in an effort to attain maximum leverage of public investment.
  7. To undertake research and to recommend economic development policies to the Mayor and Township Committee and further, to effectuate projects and programs to implement said policies.
  8. To coordinate programs and projects aimed at the retention of existing business as well as at the attraction of new or expanded business opportunities within the Township.
  9. To survey and determine what businesses would be successful in the central business district and in other business districts, and encourage such businesses to locate within the Township.
  10. To encourage beautification of and improvement of the business districts of the Township, and to recommend improvements to the Township Committee.
  11. To oversee such programs relating to economic development as directed by the Township Committee.

Business Directory Listing

Mansfield Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC) will utilize some of the information collected to create a business directory to be hosted on the Township's website. Be sure to give us an email address where you would like to receive alerts and announcements from Mansfield EDAC.

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Eco Development Advisory Council


Committee Liaisons: Mr. McGuinness, Mayor Watters

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